About us

Paolettoni Fiori is born in Empoli in the historic Place of Leons in 1970. Maria starts to give a particular touch to the store, searching for flowers and unusual plants for that years.

In 1980 Silvia, the son, joins to the enterprise. After a lots of professional courses, she reveals a strong artistic sense and a feisty personality which gives her the opportunity of searching for and creating special "unique and original" compositions which distinguish them from others.

We create flower arrangements for important events and we offer also furnishings.


Each wedding is a magic moment "special and unique" which needs a customization of set-up to create a "classic and romantic" or a "modern and exotic" effect.

Bride, groom and flowers must be in harmony.
For this reason, there must be a relationship of trust between florist and bride or groom.

We do inspections in churches and abodes before the wedding date, to study the perfect flower arrangement.
We search flowers and colours, which are the best business card for your wedding.
Choosing flowers changes depending on the type of event: wedding, holy communion, baptism, eighteenth, etc...

We work together with the best caterings in Tuscany and companies for gazebos.